Classes and Seminars


Loved to Life I–an eight week class equipping people to identify and overcome obstacles and recurring destructive patterns in their lives.Topics include the Biblical principles of repentance, forgiveness, restitution, condemning judgment, strongholds, bitterness, honoring, early life woundings and more.

Loved to Life II–a six week class which trains people in the principles of praying with and mentoring others in the principles taught in Loved to Life I. Prerequisites for attending this class is the successful completion of Loved to Life I (attending all the classes and successfully completing all required homework).

Loved to Life III–a six week class for training in advanced ministry techniques such as discernment, generational deliverance, prayer healing for early life wounding, etc.


Spiritual and Emotional Roots of Disease–a one day seminar looking at the correlation between spiritual and emotional health and disease in our bodies. Topics include Foundational Principles, Stress, Fear and Anger, and The Mind-Body Connection.

Boundaries–one day seminar which looks at this poorly understood concept in the Body of Christ. Topics include Before Boundaries, What Are Boundaries, Setting Boundaries and How to Have a Boundaries Conversation.

Conflict Resolution–a one day class equipping others to handle conflict in a Godly way. Being a peace maker not a peace keeper will bring rest to your life.

Communicate!!–a one day workshop teaching the principles of communication which edifies and builds others up rather than destroying relationship. This workshop includes practice of the principles learned.

Quantum Faith–Learn how the disciplines of science are giving explanation to the principles of Scripture. This one day class will amaze you and cause you once again to live in awe of our Creator.

Spiritually Nourishing Your Unborn Child–Come and learn how to interact with pre-born children and how to foster a strong relationship with and build spiritual and emotional health for your coming child.