Loved to Life

Loved to Life I – Loved to Life I is an eight week course designed to teach and help apply basic principles for destiny-fulfilled living. Understanding and working through issues such as unforgiveness, bitterness, condemning judgment of self and others along with principles to set healthy boundaries and allow God to conform you to the image of His Son, Jesus, will launch you into a place of personal freedom from which you can fulfill your God given destiny.

Topics include:

Preparing Your Heart for Healing

Shepherding Your Spirit

Eternal Paths

Repentance, Forgiveness and Restitution

The Idolatry of Bitterness

Honoring God by Honoring Authority

Foundations and Early Life Wounding

Love Bonds Fear Bonds

Striving for Love

Strongholds of Mind and Flesh

Mental and Emotional Blackmail

Deliverance from the Realms of Darkness

Sexuaity and Intimacy

The Devastation of Sexual Abuse


Conforming to His Image

Loved to Life II – a six week class which trains people in the principles of praying with and mentoring others in the principles taught in Loved to Life I. Prerequisites for attending this class is the successful completion of Loved to Life I (attending all the classes and successfully completing all required homework). Learn skills to connect with the heart of Jesus and others, leading them to freedom in Christ.

Do No Harm

Listening for the Cry of the Heart

Hearing the Voice of God

Listening Prayer: Connecting Hearts to Jesus

Conducting Ministry Sessions

Loved to Life III – a six week class for training in advanced ministry techniques such as discernment, generational deliverance, prayer healing for early life wounding, etc.